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Lightning Bug-catch the strike as it hits the ground!

MK Controls, Inc has just released to the public their Lighting Bug that senses when lightning will strike and trigger your camera to capture the image. You still have to direct the camera to the approximately area, focus, compose and the Lightning Bug will do the rest. For pricing and the tech stuff, go to www.mkcontrols.com. If ordering, use the code: mackayf11 I am working on getting us a discount for that code. I will post images as soon as a storm shows up.

If you would like to use any of my images, contact me at mac_at_spiff@hotmail.com. I try to post the good, the bad, and the out of focus knowing that some of you out there have very good software and can salvage a picture you really want. Also If there is a picture you want me to remove, contact me at the above email addy. And above all, don't forget to send a thank you note with the pic number so I know someone is viewing these pictures

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