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Pics of Eagles! (Dec07-Apr08)

Pics of Birds I have seen!

Pics of Birds of Owls and Eagle head shots

And more pics (280) of Birds I have seen!

And my latest bird pictures (051208)

Elvis & Superman Trip, Oct 24, 2006

Meet Lil'Miss Elephant

Some of my flower pictures



Wild Life Elk and Deer

Night Shots

Ducks from the year 2011. Let me know the name of the untitled images

Southwest in the Spring 2010

Hiking at Maramec Spring Park Nov 22, 2009

Monument Valley, AZ/Utah Oct 2009

Texas Canyon, AZ Oct 2009

Grand Canyon, AZ Oct 2009

Saguaro and Cactus, AZ Oct 2009

Indian Ruins throughout AZ Oct 2009

Broad-billed Hummingbirds, AZ Oct 2009

Birds of Arizona Oct 2009

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, Southeastern Missiouri Jul 2009

Some mixed wild life that I found on a hard drive this weekend 100109

Hiking at Meremac State Park Sep 27, 2009